There's something infectious about someone who has a burning passion to sing and entertain and Laurie Muggleton fits that bill. this album is dedicated to his mum for her love, encouragement and support. Laurie's life/musical journey is a fascinating story. In 1968, at age 18, a motor vehicle accident left him a paraplegic. From 1975 with the support and encouragement of family and friends he pursued an entertainment career. In 1989 he recorded his first album and in 1990 and 1991 made the Star Maker Top 20. He worked hard at many festivals and shows but from 2002 to 2013 was sidelined due to health issues. Now he's back with a vengeance and couldn't have made a better move than to get Stuie French to produce this slick release that ranges from bush ballads, through story songs, to a good classic remake and for good measure The Rugby League Song has a guest appearance from league broadcaster Ray Hadley. An easy listen and I'm sure Laurie's fans will welcome his comeback.